12 Months After Ending My Sobriety

I was sober for a year between August 2016 – August 2017. You can read about that experience by clicking here. It was incredibly tough and yet I learnt nothing from it. Weird, right? Now a year later I look back on that experience and see where I sit 12 months later.

A Quick, Honest Look at Where’s MH370

I find honest reflection something that very few do. Why do we insist on living in the shadows of our truth? I mean, let’s just be honest, put all of our cards on the table and see where we’re at. If you’ve been one of the (very few) people following Dan & I’s progress over the past… 7 years you’ll know that the projects are slow, progress non-existent & blog posts imaginary. But alas, let’s take a peep at one of my larger projects Where’s MH370.

1 Year of Sobriety

I told myself that I will be sober for a year. It was tough, sure, but I got there. It’s done. First Sunday of August. An entire year. Great, now what? I’m not too sure what the point of writing this blog post is. I don’t want to gloat, I don’t want any recognition, I don’t want to be reminded of this “achievement” as its been nothing but counter-productive. When this weight comes off it wont be freeing, it will be a burden.

Embracing the Useless

For years I’ve said that I build products that no-one wants or needs and yet somehow they find an audience. This couldn’t be more true if you take a look back at my past projects and see how they’ve taken off, and been embraced by people all around the world. From How Many Midgets Could You Eat – the first website I created back when I was a teenager that allowed users to take a quiz to figure out a score to an incredibly stupid question – to Ship Your Enemies Glitter and then to the more recent Hardcore Prawn Lawn.

All of these sites share a similar theme which is why it makes sense that Dan and I would eventually come to create UselessWeb.com, an aggregator of all the crazy, useless websites that people like us have created.

Self-Publishing “The Most Offensive Kids Book Ever”


Who would have guessed that self-publishing a full color, illustrated search & find activity book would be so fucking complicated? Not only has it been a semi-expensive lesson in creating a physical product, but it has also led to death threats, legal threats and a shit ton of hate from people online. Listen, I’m not complaining, I’m just making an observation; I guess it was kind of expected when you create a book as controversial as Where’s MH370.

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