How to Build, Market, and Sell Your Website for Fun and Profit

  • The ultimate guide for anyone looking to get into website flipping.
  • In-depth 91 page comprehensive guide.
  • Includes a personal case study.
  • Instant download, no waiting.
  • Only $5!

I wrote this book to be a simple but rewarding guide for developers and marketers that want to sell their website (or websites) with ease.

I’ve found that despite their being a wealth of information available online about how to design and build a website, there’s very little about how to effectively sell your website after you’ve built it. Since not all of us want to keep our websites for the long term, it seems a bit strange for such a large knowledge hole to exist.

This book is a simple, easy to read guide to identifying online opportunities, building websites that capitalize on these opportunities, and selling your website at a healthy profit margin. It’s both a reference and a story, made up of information and my own personal experiences selling one of my most recent ventures.

What it isn’t is a guide to become rich overnight flipping websites, or how to build the next Facebook. The strategies outlined in this book work, but they’ll fail to get anywhere without a driven, hardworking person controlling them. If that’s you – welcome aboard, you’ll no doubt find success with this guide.

This 91 page eBook is only $5. You can purchase it by clicking here.



How I Launched, Marketed & Promoted A High-Traffic Blog in Under 15 Days

  • A short, 20 page eBook completely free!
  • Outlines how I was able to receive over 150,000 visitors to a brand new blog in under 15 days.
  • Case study included.
  • Written 6 years ago when I was 18 years old.

I put this eBook together to do two things. The first is to convince you that it’s not impossible to start a high-traffic blog. The second is to eliminate the fear of failure from your mind, either as a blogger or as an all-round online entrepreneur. These two things bugged me before I launched my blog, and looking back it’s fairly easy to see that they were obstacles that I’d created entirely by myself.

This eBook is completely free! You can download it by clicking here.

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