Sofa Moolah

Tying Up A Few Loose Ends

Every few days I receive emails & tweets from people asking about projects that I’ve blogged about in the past so I thought I’d provide some updates on them. I don’t blog regularly anymore (have I ever?!) so if you don’t follow me on Twitter & you stumble across my articles you’d have no clue as to what’s going on.

She first is my social media service website that I launched… must be a few years ago by now called GetWithSocial. I had this website active & ranking #1 in Googs for about a year and this website alone was poised to bring in close to $100k in its first year. I didn’t really like the space & despite steady growth and easy money I decided to sell it before the first year was up. Nowadays the site has dropped off in terms of ranking & could be heading to the deadpool if a new SEO strategy isn’t implemented soon. Perhaps I could buy it back for a fraction of the cost I sold it for & perform some SEO magic, who knows.

The second one was Cappture, an iPhone application that I was involved with alongside 3 other people: a dev & 2 designers. Long story short, 2 of the dudes were offered jobs with Facebook, Googs & Apple which sort of halted things (the didn’t accept the jobs) and than they ultimately left. This left me (not a designer & not an iOS dev) with a designer so we had to decide what to do. I eventually made a post on Hacker News about the situation and a few different development companies got in touch, one being a dev firm which had worked alongside some REALLY big companies that wanted to handle all of the dev side of things. That was good, thought we were going somehow & then they also pulled out and we were again left with just 2 dudes. The cost of hiring a company to do the development side of things was going to be too much so the project ended abruptly. Not to worry, we learn from these things!

So now what I’m working on (besides my recurring affiliate sites etc.) is a startup called movienite. It’s only for us Aussies however you can check it out at I’m working on this all by myself which is a mission but I’m positive it will have some level of success. I don’t want to give too much away just yet so in the meantime:

1) check us out online & drop your email:

2) follow us on Twitter:

3) like us on Facebook:

I think I’ll post more about movenite – could turn into a good marketing strategy considering SEO isn’t a viable strategy & I don’t exactly have connections in the movie industry.