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Product photography for movienite

So as I talked about in my last post, I’m now working on a startup called movienite. The premise is simple: as a child I used to sit around the television surrounded by family watching a classic & enjoying junk food. This doesn’t seem to happen anymore here in Australia so it’s movienite’s mission to bring this back whilst recreating a sort of movie cinema experience. On a monthly basis users will receive a movienite pack which contains a movie (personalized through fun questionaires), a sharebox of popcorn, fairy floss & assorted foreign candy all for less than the price of taking the family to the cinema.

So with this concept I needed to get some product photography done. For a few hundred dollars I was able to receive close to 30 shots of the items in different positions, arrangements, in & out of packaging etc. I’ve included a few of my favorites below however please note that this is before post-production so the images are still quite raw.Movie Night Popcorn-5381

Movie Night Popcorn-5429

Next on the list is putting them through post, cleaning them up & maybe adding some SFX. I’ll than put together a proper landing page over on the website and do some pre-launch marketing. From there, I need to get some mailing boxes organised (not settled on whether or not to get them custom as margins are quite low), get the website up & running, organize stock & a million other things that I hope to keep blogging about.

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  1. I think this a great idea.Ill be keeping a look out on your progress. Keep us in the loop 🙂

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