Sofa Moolah

Revenue & Analytics from a #1 Reddit AMA

Link to the AMA.

On the 13th of December at 3am I decided to do a Reddit AMA. An AMA if you’re not familiar is a chance for users on the social platform Reddit to ask questions & get answers from people in unusual professions, celebrities, sports stars, politicians etc.

I had been told earlier this year to do one for Ship Your Enemies Glitter however I thought the timing was off & wanted to first finish Where’s MH370? a project I had been working on for 8 months in order to give it a shout out. Basically, it’s a search and find activity book where readers have to find missing pieces of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 in 12 full color, illustrated scenes. To show you how powerful Reddit AMA’s are in terms of marketing, I’ve included below a few statistics from the AMA.

Sales & Traffic Stats

  • Number of Reddit upvotes: 4,184
  • Number of Reddit comments: 2,549
  • Unique Visitors: 36,133
  • Number of books sold: 626
  • Total sales: $9,390.00 AUD
  • Twitter followers gained: 509
  • Tweet impressions: 760,000

Random Thoughts: