February, 2021.

I’m unsure if I’ll be keeping this updated every month. Chances are I’ll fall off the wagon and take 2 steps back. Regardless, let’s see where our goals are at as of February, 2021.

As a recap, the goals for the year were:

  • Average 50,000 Steps / Week
  • 5 x 1 Week Sober
  • Increase subscription business to $1,000 MRR
  • Read Atleast 5 Books
  • Reguarly Go Back to the Gym
  • Sell Where’s MH370
  • Finish & Launch Wacky Waving Man

Average 50,000 Steps / Week

I started walking a lot more during the day and running later in the night. The week of January 11th I was doing half walking, half running. As of 26th of January I over-exerted my knee and have had it taped up since. As of today, 5th of February, it’s still in recovery. Prior to the knee injury I was getting close to 10,000 steps/day and on track for the 50,000 / week.

5 x 1 Week Sober

I’ve already knocked 2 of these weeks out. The first was from the 9th of January – 16th of January. The second was 18th of January – 25th of January. I’d love to do more of these as it made me feel more productive than ever.

Increase Upstart Host to $1,000 MRR

Started the year at $528.71/month. I’ve been hustling and currently sitting at $682.72/month.

Read Atleast 5 Books

As of the 5th of February I’ve already finished 3. Finished “The Man in the High Castle”. Finished “The War of the Worlds”. Finished “Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption”. I’m really enjoying the quiet nights reading.

Regularly Go Back to the Gym

I’ve yet to go back to the gym. Few reasons… COVID, the fact I was running and I didn’t feel like I needed to, plus the knee injury. I’m thinking of cancelling my current membership and signing up to a local gym that offers specialized programs.

Sell Where’s MH370

Not much movement here, I had a phone call with a book shop that was interested in taking on the stock but nothing has come of it.

Finish & Launch Wacky Waving Man

No movement here. Either need to commit harder or abandon.


Personally I think I’m crushing it thus far. I have other written down goals that are more personal which aren’t doing as well, but the professional ones are doing okay. Let’s see what happens.