5 Cheap Ways to Get Press for Your Startup, App or Website

Coverage in the mainstream media is one of the most effective ways to put your app, startup or website in front of millions of potential customers.

The only problem is that getting press coverage, at least for a small company, is very difficult. Cold emailing journalists is a slow, time-consuming and boring process that rarely produces results, while hiring a PR firm is usually prohibitively expensive.

The solution is to forget about the traditional rules of interacting with the press and instead use cheap and effective techniques to set your startup, app or website apart from the crowd and make it something journalists want to talk about.

From old-fashioned publicity stunts to deliberately offending people that you know will talk about your product, here are five cheap and unconventional ways to make the press pay attention to your startup, app or website.


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How to Rapidly Launch, Validate and Grow a Business

Over the last few years, the amount of relevant, interesting and helpful content for entrepreneurs has grown exponentially. From launching a product to finding new customers, there’s a blog post, eBook or postcard for everything startup related.

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Gizmodo & Kotaku Coverage for $55

flappy boat

Let me preface this post by saying that my main area of expertise lies in SEO. Every single day is a constant struggle to get high quality backlinks that I hope will help me eventually outrank my competitors. My competitors compared to me are the goliaths; they have large teams, offices & budgets whereas I work by myself in my own small office so competiting with these guys is a constant struggle.

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Product photography for movienite

So as I talked about in my last post, I’m now working on a startup called movienite. The premise is simple: as a child I used to sit around the television surrounded by family watching a classic & enjoying junk food. This doesn’t seem to happen anymore here in Australia so it’s movienite’s mission to bring this back whilst recreating a sort of movie cinema experience. On a monthly basis users will receive a movienite pack which contains a movie (personalized through fun questionaires), a sharebox of popcorn, fairy floss & assorted foreign candy all for less than the price of taking the family to the cinema.

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$20,000 In 1 Month at 20

2012 was the best year for me financially. I had multiple sites ranking extremely high for very competitive keywords and the payouts were big. 2013 so far hasn’t been anywhere near what last year produced mainly because of my gambling habits (which now cease to exist). Nevertheless, I want to take a look back at August 2012 which financially was the best month I’ve ever had & only involved sales from 1 website.

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Hobby or Addiction

Ask me a year ago what my hobbies were and I’d include gambling as one of them. It was the act of doing something I loved: watching sports, combined with the thing I love most in this world: making money. It’s strange how we can become blindsided by an activity that in the long run can only end up badly. Short term is great, you have a good day with friends, you back a few winners and your day ends up costing you nothing due to the profit you made. As with anything that is a numbers game though, the stats don’t lie and the house always win.

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5 Legendary (and Annoying) Online Ads, and Why They Were so Effective

We may not remember them, but we’ve all seen them. The average web users sees thousands of advertisements on a daily basis, from helpful search ads that deliver useful services to obnoxious display banners plastered across some of the world’s most popular websites.

While we may not like advertising, it exists for a reason: to keep the web (for the most part) free of charge for users, and give webmasters a source of income. The banner ads you see every day generate, in some cases, thousands of dollars for the website owners that are serving them up.

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Case Study: Twitter Advertising to 1,800,000 Followers

About 3 weeks ago, Callum Chapman & I put our landing page live for our new startup, Cappture. We wanted a big launch with huge traffic numbers & a bit of buzz so we decided to invest in advertising on large Twitter accounts using the BuySellAds platform. If you’re unfamiliar with BSA, they essentially make buying and selling ads on websites extremely easy and they’ve also branched out to sell tweets on users Twitter accounts.

So I set myself a $1,000 limit, went browsing and settled on something called the “Design @tweet bundle”. So with this bundle you get to send out your message on 12 design related different Twitter accounts with the amount of followers receiving your message being around 1,590,000 people. We went ahead and bought the bundle, removing 2 of the accounts which I thought were overpriced and adding a Twitter account with an iOS theme. In the end it cost $1,248 and the estimated amount of people who would see it was 1.8m. This puts the CPM at around $0.69 which I thought was reasonable.

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