Entrepreneurs: Are You Comfortable? You’re Doing It Wrong

Entrepreneurs stop right now and think to yourself: are you comfortable? If you’re not, good job. I believe that if things around you are getting harder to accomplish, then you’re moving up and making progress. This post is all about moving out of your comfort zone to achieve your potential in both life and business. […]

Case Study: First Week of a New Business

Last Friday night, after 3 months of planning I launched my next online business venture. I don’t want this to sound like an advertisement so I’ll only mention the name once: it’s called GetWithSocial and I describe it as “a marketing company that ‘social media experts’ don’t want you to see”. The idea of the […]

How I Made My First $5,000 through an Online Game

I’ve written this short post to show you that you can basically make money online through anything. To start, let me take you back to 2005, yep, a whole six years ago. I had just turned 13, was still in school and was addicted to an online game called Habbo (formerly Habbo Hotel). Habbo describes […]

When Not To Copy the Big Names in Marketing

As someone who was interested in making money online in my mid-teens, after researching into the many various ways of generating cash, I stumbled upon affiliate marketing. All the joys of making money off of traffic sources you discover while you don’t have to deal with customers seemed perfect. One of the first things I […]

Web Hosting Dilemmas: Who To Avoid

When you’re running an online campaign and throwing thousands of dollars’ worth of traffic to the website in a single day it’s important you don’t experience any downtime. A few minutes of downtime can be the difference between making a profit or loss for the day and can have devastating effects on your business. With […]

How Making Money Online Lost Me to Gambling

Let me grab your attention straight up: since the beginning of this year I’ve lost a grand total of $15,465.73 on online gambling. Wow, working out the exact number seems so surreal. What’s even worse is that this is just on Betfair alone and doesn’t take into account the offline gambling I’ve done when I’ve […]

Statistics & Thoughts for the First Month of Sofa Moolah

3 days ago Sofa Moolah turned 1 month old – strange as I also received an email from my domain registrar that the domain I purchased 1 year ago expires in a month. So in terms of website launches, it’s one of the worst traffic wise I’ve been involved in. Compared to my last blog […]

The Importance of Networking – My Experience with Power Users

Let me take you back to the beginning of 2010, a time when Digg.com was one of the most popular websites in the world averaging close to 40 million unique visitors every month. This small story happened a few months before “New Digg” was introduced, power users become somewhat obsolete and traffic to Digg dropped […]

The Conclusion: A 6 Figure Business That Fell Apart When I Was 16

I really have to apologize for leaving you guys hanging on the first part of this story. I was undecided on whether or not to break the article up into 2’s and after some feedback on Twitter I decided to. Below are the middle and the ending. Again, I was undecided on whether or not […]

My Early Business Life: A 6 Figure Business That Fell Apart When I Was 16

I originally planned on making this topic into an eBook and have it released alongside “How I Launched, Marketed and Promoted A High-Traffic Blog in Under 15 Days” but I’ve decided against it. I wrote this (very personal) article to document the rapid rise and ultimate collapse of my very first business which I launched […]